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Spring Cleaning with Google Ad Manager

Spring Cleaning with Google Ad Manager  Get best practices from a Google Ad Manager product specialist and learn how to implement some of our tips and improve your account! Stay tuned as we'll be covering: Ad Technologies In-Article / In-Feed Video Multi-size Ads Page Performance Viewability Expanding AdX Competition Opportunities & Experiments Google manager spring cleaning my name is Jake pace I'm a product specialist here at Google and it's my role to help rollout new product releases and help our partners get them implemented so that they can be when it's housing the best way possible one moment I switch over tomy slidesokay so today we're going to be going through our spleen spring cleaning tipsthis will be discussing how to increase them in and also improve supply withGoogle Ad manager and you will notice that these are basically a cycle and one will feed into the other as you improve the quality of your supply you will get mo