Spring Cleaning with Google Ad Manager

Spring Cleaning with Google Ad Manager 

Get best practices from a Google Ad Manager product specialist and learn how to implement some of our tips and improve your account!
Stay tuned as we'll be covering:

  1. Ad Technologies
  2. In-Article / In-Feed Video
    Multi-size Ads
  3. Page Performance
  4. Expanding AdX Competition
    Opportunities & Experiments
Google manager spring cleaning my name is Jake pace I'm a product specialist here
at Google and it's my role to help rollout new product releases and help our
partners get them implemented so that they can be when it's housing the best
way possible one moment I switch over tomy slidesokay so today we're going to be going
through our spleen spring cleaning tipsthis will be discussing how to increase
them in and also improve supply withGoogle Ad manager and you will notice
that these are basically a cycle and one will feed into the other as you improve
the quality of your supply you will get more demand so today we'll be going
through and technologies in article and in feed video multi size ads page
performance viewability expanding your ad X competition opportunities and
experiments and also some quick; so on to ad technologies ad exchange buyers
often have ad technology vendors providing them with tools such as ad
servers research technologies and remarketing all of these vendors need to
be explicitly approved to run in ad exchange and they're opted out by
default so to enable these you can go into the protections tab new protections
add content and then look under opt-ins so as you see in the screenshot below
there are a ton of them there that you can opt into these will increase demand
and auction pressure by allowing your buyers that require those ad
technologies to bid on your inventory these technologies can be allowed for
selected inventory or all inventory in article and in feed video so these are
video ads that appear between paragraphs of editorial content in the case of in
article and for in feed it appears between items in a feed like news or
social media these types of videos are known as al stream video because the ads
do not run during an existing video stream unlike traditional pre-roll ads
which are known as in-stream so for these formats video autoplay is
when 50% of the ad is in view and then pauses when the content is out of view

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